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Following my passion of helping and inspiring people, in any possible way, by bringing their creative dream projects to life.



“Make the world a bit better or more beautiful because you have lived in it.”

-Edward William Bok

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Architectural Conceptual Design

Passionate on finding unique and efficient design solutions, with a great attention to details.


Urban Planning

Ability to create a detailed vision, from a single structure, respecting and harmoniously improving its surroundings, to a city scale, pedestrian friendly master plan.


Art Work

A great eye and talent for unique interpretations and artistic compositions, influenced by my architectural and planning background.


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Enjoy samples of my work throughout my professional career, including some

from my 20 years with Walt Disney Imagineering.

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  Walt Disney Imagineering projects are owned and © by Disney.  All others are © by Eduardo Hernandez-Robles.


03 architectural work samples


04 urban planning work samples

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Hola - Hello
-"Gracias por venir!"-
-"Thank you for coming"-

Wouldn’t it be awesome if people could help each other on their day-to-day challenges and struggles?  If someone could help you solve one of your “project", in order to make your life, and the ones you love, more enjoyable?


It has been a dream, and a passion of mine, to help and inspire people in any way I can. I’ll use my professional background in architecture and urban planning, as well as my passion for arts, and my 20 years of expertise as a Walt Disney Imagineer, to help you.  I will do everything in my power to improve your life, by turning that dream project of yours into a reality.

I am hyper aware of our everyday surroundings and as a result, I take pride in my ability to identify ways to optimize spaces.  My goal is to help you with your projects, designing them to be more functional, safe and efficient, while keeping them esthetically pleasant as well.  The scale of the design or scope of the project does not matter to me.  I understand and greatly appreciate the power that responsible detailed designs can have in people's lives.  Well-thought-out designs on a scale for an interior space, have the same power and importance, as a well-thought-out building structure or an overall city layout.


How can I help you?  CONTACT ME, and let’s review and brainstorm your project.

It will be my honor to get an opportunity to help you conceptualize and design any artistic, architectural or urban planning related project for your home, business, neighborhood or city.


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Eduardo Hernandez-Robles
Creative Designer

Kissimmee, Florida
Studio (689) 239-9981


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 "Hello! Thank you for coming - Hola! Gracias por Venir" In memory of Javier Jorge-Reyes 2/14/1976 - 6/12/2016.

Walt Disney Imagineering projects are owned and © by Disney.  All others are © by Eduardo Hernandez-Robles.

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